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Welcome to the AutoTrader Journal.

Created for our AutoTrader community and for those who want to track its progress. This journal was created in July 2021. However, you can request past performance reports >>>Here

July 223rd 2021

After a short liquidation on Globex on July 23 2021, xBRAT Algo triggered an Automated trade on a 6* Long entry on NQ and MNQ at 10:00 during RTH session; the short covering rally from trapped shorts and momentum long traders pushed the market to a new ATH territory on a trending day banking huge profits for both automated strategies at the end of the week!

July 22nd 2021

July 22 at 12:00 xBRAT Algo AutoTrader for CL triggered a new 6* Long entry on the new Oil Contract, massive winner for the week, another new high from this high performance automated strategy:

July 20th 2021

At the RTH Open xBRAT Algo triggered a Short on a 6* Sell Signal, trade was taken by the AutoTrader Strategy; market sold to 4252.75 few tick below yesterday close area and high volume area of the session end; unfortunately there was no supply below this level and the market found support and bounce right back up taking the stop loss for this entry.

Friday July 16 market on Globex was 100% long from yesterday RTH Close, we had an expected liquidation break from trapped long positions, one hour after market RTH open the xBRAT Algo fired a 6* Sell signal on a short breakout from lows, the trade got some heat on a small drawdown on a pullback higher but market was unable to trade above 14800 resistance level and finally broke lower hitting the ALGO profit target setting level, another winner for NQ and MNQ! 

OIL Futures CLQ21 Auto Trade 13 July 2021

Trade automatically triggered at 11.25 am EST after an xbrat 6* BUY signal was printed.  This period was within the parameters of the optimized window for long trading opportunities for the xbratalgo Auto trader on TradeStation.  The trailing stop was adjusted automatically by the autotrader and a profit of $620 per 1 contract was taken around 13.40pm.

After this successful trade the profit factor for the Oil Auto Trader is now 3.53.  The average winning trade for this auto trading strategy is $332.35, so this trade was way above average, but not as large as the highest winning trade during 2021 of $950 per 1 contract!  The chart image is a screen shot of the Oil Auto Trade on the TradeStation Platform with inlaid profit for the trade…

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